Clarification: Public notice regarding Tribal directors and assistants returning to work


The Blackfeet Tribe would like to clarify the public notice regarding directors.

As stated in the notice, the Tribal Offices/Departments are not opening to the public. In consultation with the Tribe’s Public Health Officials, it has been deemed safe to bring the Directors and their administrative assistants back to work to take care of essential program business such as vendor payments, reports, etc.

Also, to clarify any misinformation, the Blackfeet Tribe does not control what the public schools do as long as they follow the ordinance and comply with CDC Guidelines.

The Tribal office is still closed to the public with the exception of essential services. If you need assistance, you may call (406) 338-7521.

The Blackfeet Tribal Business Council, along with Incident Command and other essential departments, have worked very hard to keep everyone safe, especially our elders and those most vulnerable and will continue to do so.

We are under Phase 1 of our approved phased plan and do not have any intention of opening the reservation up soon due to the State of Montana having such a high rise in cases as well as the holiday seasons coming up.

Even though the Blackfeet Reservation’s numbers have significantly decreased, we will remain vigilant and ask everyone to continue to follow the CDC guidelines of washing your hands, wearing a mask, social distancing, and avoiding social gatherings.

When the time comes to look at reopening the reservation, consultation with the proper medical personnel and health officials, as well as public input will be sought. All documents will be available to the public with a plan to move forward.

We continue to pray for all those that lost loved ones, prayers for the sick and suffering or those in need.

God Bless everyone,
Blackfeet Tribal Business Council