Survey for Public Comment: Community Views on Alcohol Sales on the Blackfeet Reservation

The purpose of this notice is to inform all people who live within the exterior boundaries of the Blackfeet Reservation, regarding the amendment of Blackfeet Tribal Ordinance 107. Ordinance 107 is a part of the Blackfeet Law and Order Code, enacted in 1967. The Ordinance will be placed on the Blackfeet Nation’s Website for public view. The goal is to work toward making necessary amendments with the public’s help. This specific Ordinance describes in detail its function regarding “Public Intoxication & Loitering” and all Penalties that are included.

Recently, the Blackfeet Tribe held two (2) separate public meetings, for the purpose of Public comment regarding issues surrounding Blackfeet Tribal Ordinance #73, the Regulation and Control of Liquor, within the boundaries of the Blackfeet Reservation. This is due to concerns from the public, that are being taken into full consideration. These concerns are with regards to public drunkenness and the safety of our children throughout the school day. During this time a survey was created for additional public comment. The purpose is to gain further insight by our community members and hopefully come to a consensus regarding a way to correct an issue that has been longstanding within the community of Browning, on the Blackfeet Reservation.

Again, we are asking for your support by completing a survey so that we can continue to meet the common goal of making our community a safe place for our children and all people. Your views are valued and we hope that you will exercise your right as a community member by completing the survey. The Blackfeet Tribe is appreciative of your time and consideration in regards to ways of making positive change for all people within the boundaries of the Blackfeet Reservation.

We thank you for your time and will continue to work toward making our homelands a safe place for all to be!

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